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Elizabethan collar Pet cone E-collar for Cats & Dogs

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  Size Reference Guide for Elizabethan collar Pet cone E-collar A cone is useful especially when your cat or dog is

Bowknot Candy Adjustable Cat Collar

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It’s made with high-quality polyester webbing and has sturdy plastic hardware with rounded edges that don’t poke.

Cat Collars – Buy Online in Rwanda
Apart from keeping your cat safe, cat collars are a fabulous pet accessory used as a fashion item. When coupled with a cat ID tag, or in some cases the collar is customised with the cat’s name and pet owner details, it can greatly help in uniting lost cats with their family. A cat without a neck collar might be mistaken as a stray cat and could be easily adopted into another home. Cat collar and tag is therefore recommended.

If your cat is an outdoors cat that likes to explore the neighborhood, it is important to only use breakaway cat collars. These type of collars have a safety clasp that open up in case the cat gets caught on something such as a fence. To take safety measure for you cat a little further, you can replace the regilar collar with a good cat collar tracker. You can find these safety cat collars on Petsasa petshop.

Our range of cat necklaces come in a variety of colours, styles and material. You will find that most of them though are made of either nylon or PU leather. This is because these two materials are light, and cat collars should be light. Bow tie collars are popular pet fashion items and can indeed make for eye catching fashion for events and pet and family photo shoots. Find the most beautiful collars for male cats and female cats and enjoy the widest selection available in Rwanda.

There are other types of cat neck wearables that can be considered as specialized. One of these is the cat collar cone, also known as cat cat e collar or Elizabethan collar. This is a cat collar worn after surgery or if a ca is wounded. Another type is a cat flea collar or tick collar which is used as a solution for parasite infestation on cats. Calming collars are a type of collar used for many conditions and reactions like hyper-activity, stress, anxiety and fear due to loud noises, storms and thunder.

When going for a walks, one might need a cat harness in addition to the regular collar on the neck. See harnesses on the cat shop section.