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Elizabethan collar Pet cone E-collar for Cats & Dogs

4,391 Sh7,887 Sh
  Size Reference Guide for Elizabethan collar Pet cone E-collar A cone is useful especially when your cat or dog is

Heavy Duty Adjustable Dog Collar, With Foam Padding

8,689 Sh
Tough. Durable. Comfort – Those are the three words that define this collar. Expertly crafted to last with double layers

Hands-Free Running Dog Leash, Elastic, Reflective + Pouch + Bottle Holder

25,869 Sh
Hands-Free Running Dog Leash Run, hike, skate or jog with your dog unlimited with this Petsasa Hands-Free Running Dog Leash.

Adjustable Denim Dog Harness & Leash

6,353 Sh
Adjustable Denim Dog Harness & Leash

Dog Collars, Leashes, Harnesses and Muzzles – Online Pet Shop
One of the greatest joys of having a dog is going for walks. A dog collar in combination with a dog leash makes the walk more enjoyable and safe for the dog. Harnesses for dogs can be a great option especially when comfort is desired.

If you are not sure which is which, our 24/7 customer care team would be happy to help you sift through the choices. Our collars, harnesses and leashes section is updated regularly and you will find a great deal of choices

Dog Collars – A collar for a dog goes around the neck. It serves several purposes. One as a an accessory or fashion item. It also can be used for identification by being personalized or for hanging a dog ID tag. Lastly, a good collar can be used for dog walks by hooking a lead onto it.
Dog leash – The dog leash keeps the dog and the dog owner together and prevents the dog from wandering around. Dog leads come in various types, with some of them being specifically suited for leash training.
Dog Muzzle – The muzzle goes around the mouth of the dog. Muzzles  are used in training or in situations where the dog might be aggressive and is likely to bite or attack.
Dog harness – A harness for a dog is more desirable especially when going for a walk. Harnesses are much more comfortable than collars when walking.
Dog ID tags – Nothing much needs to be said about this. It is important to note that Petsasa customises the dog name tags with the dog’s name and the contacts and (or) the owners phone number.

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